6 Axis 200KHz Ethernet Mach3 CNC Controller



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200KHz Ethernet Mach3 Card 6 Aixs Motion Controller

12 ports photoelectric isolated input interface for ordinary digital data
10 ports photoelectric isolated output interface for ordinary digital data
1 port 0-10V spindle speed analog output interface(can change to PWM output)
Can support 3-6 axis stepper systems, 200KHz pulse output for every axis
ARM motion control chip
Main device is 12v-32vDC power supply input, current should higher than 0.5A
Compatible with MPG input, support the digital display MPG
Ethernet CNC Controller

- Can control up to 3/4/5/6 stepper motor at the same time.
- Support Motor: Servo motor, Stepper motor.
- With 12 channel programmable input port.
- With 10 channel programmable output port.
- 1 channel standard MPG interface
- PWM output control
- Ethernet interface, support MACH3 software
- DC electrical isolation
- Optocoupler isolation
- Up to 200KHz stepper motor control pulse output

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