Desktop 3D Filament SJ 20 Production Line

SJ20Line II


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Desktop 3D filament SJ 20 Production Line Application: ABS/PLA/PVC, mainly for 3d printing filament lab usage
Please note, the 20 extruder only suitable for pellets diameter under 3mm
Main Parts: 20 extruder,water tank, tractor, winder, electrical control cabinet

Technical Parameters:
Screw, Barrel Using 38CrMoAlA, and quenched and nitrided (internal surface nitriding grinding HV720), barrier-shaped two-stage mixing general screw, nitrided layer depth 0.5-0.7mm, surface roughness Ra0.4, screw straightness: 0.015 Mm, screw barrel slotted, enhanced cooling water jacket
Screw diameter 20mm
Appliatable materials:PLA, ABS, PVC, PE, PP, PA,PC
Screw length to diameter ratio 14:1(Remark: We also can make customized 20:1, 30:1, etc 10 or 20 means the length of screw, 20:1 is longer, the productivity is bigger)
Compression ratio 3
Main motor power 120W
Main motor speed governor
The barrel is heated and cooled Using a stainless steel housing heater
Heating zone District 1
Reducer planetary reducer
Capacity: 0.3-0.5/hours Motor: AC Gear Motor

SJ20 Extrusion Line

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