The utility of Brushless DC Motor

Nowadays air conditioner and gas water heater have become the necessities in people’s life. As we all know, the motor that was used in air conditioner and water heater earlier is AC induction motor. First, this motor has obvious shortcomings, low efficiency, high energy consumption, which is clearly contrary to the trendy of today's low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving and carbon emi...

What is an O-ring?

Rubber O-ring is a loop of rubber material with a circular cross section. and basically used in every field of industry, including auto,electronics,machinery and medical devices. The material of an o ring selection is based on media pressure,chemical compatibility,temperature,lubrication requirements. NBR/Nitrile/Buna Rubber NBR is the most popular material for o rings,it can be oil resistant, wat...

USD to CNY Exchange Rate

The exchange rate of US Dollars to CNY crashed in a month, this will destroy the business relations between customers and most of the manufacturers or suppliers. 2017-07-08 6.7937 (1USD to RMB) 2017-08-08 6.6958 2017-09-08 6.4393 The environmental motion by China Nation in areas has lasted over month, factories close or production pause. The situation has aggravated this trend. In the last qu...

The seventh round strict air pollution inspection

Lead time prolong and price rise as result of Environment Protection Storm Nationwide The original report on website MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA BEIJING, Jul. 23 (CENEWS)-The seventh round of the yearlong strict inspection on air pollution control had been completed by Jul. 20....

3D Printer Power Supply

In usual, the power supply unit people talking about is the piece of hardware that's used to convert the power provided from the outlet into usable power for the many parts inside the computer case. It converts the alternating current (AC) into a continuous form of power that the computer components need in order to run steady, called direct current (DC). It also regulates overheating by controlli...

SMD Pick and Place Machines from China

The price of a Japan or Korea floor type SMD Pick and Place Machine can be 50,000USD or 100,000USD. With the development of integrated circuits, IoT and industrial automation in China, CNC Machines are Not the only cost performance industrial equipment from China. 3D Printers, SMD Pick and Place Machines, etc are recently getting praise. Let's take a look on the benchtop or desktop, floor SMD Pick...

Open Source BotDigg Robot Arm

This is not a 3D printer, but a writing graphics robot arm, we name it BotDigg Robot Arm. The full configuration This assembly is still very original ah, ah, very original ... ... We first look at how the line is connected: First of all three stepper motor drive chip, pay attention to the direction of the other anti-anti, it's better use heat sink above This small package of black blocks is set to...

MOSFET Repair on RAMPS Board why and how

Firstly thanks to Contemporary Maker Rob Schwartz, his blog explain why and how to repair the MOSFET on Ramps 1.4 Board "When I first got the RAMPS 1.4 board, I wondered why the power MOSFETs for the hotends and the heated bed had no heatsinks. However, after connecting the RAMPS board to the printer, they seemed to work just fine. I soon forgot about the problem entirely... but that was the wrong...

Stepper Motor Linear Actuator

Last week we talked about the stepper motor, and this week we want to go further about the topic which will be stepper motor linear actuator or linear stepper motor. There are three types of linear stepper motors and we are talking about the integrated stepper motor linear actuators, they are External Drive, Non-captive and Captive Linear Steppers. Haydon Kerk a linear motion specialist provide wo...

Delta Printer vs Prusa i3

There are talks on Reddit about which to buy, a delta printer or a prusa i3. Both of the 3d printers are RepRap origin suitable for personal 3der or maker. What advantages and disadvantages are there to a delta printer vs something like a prusa? Advantages to a delta printer: large build area (especially vertically) ease of scaling the design vertically (just lengthen some rods/extrusions) simpler...