Print a shit and where get it print?

3D printing prevails in recent years and there are companies who collect local area printing stores as their service providers which are very convenient for customers to get the prints they want. This really fantastic.Just before 3D printing, the printers for 2D printing paper works comes very popular in our daily life, but when you want to print or scan a bigger size than A4 for example, you may ...

G Codes

G CodesAs a generic name for a plain-text language in which CNC machine are able to understand, G-Codes are important to understand in the manufacturing, automation and engineering spaces. You can enter a G-Code manually if you wish, but you do not have to because of the CAD/CAM software’ abilities along with the machine controller.  G-Codes are not necessarily readable by humans, but it’s po...

Bearing of DC Axial Fan and Blower

Kinds of bearing for DC Axial Fan and Blower Dynamic air cooling can stand its ground as to a great degree proficient when used to its fullest potential - truth be told, in many occurrences, it's regularly more cost-to-temperature successful to utilize case fans rather than fluid cooling. Perhaps a future article with benchmarks? This bit of our 'The Basics of DC Axial Fan and Blower Bearing' guid...

9 best Resin (DLP/SLA) 3D Printers of 2017

Stereolithography (SLA) may trail behind FDM 3D Printers with regards to shopper deals, yet as far as quality you'll see that a SLA 3D printer is generally the approach. Both 3D printing advances are still in their early stages the extent that the purchaser showcase goes, having entered the home and independent company advertises just moderately as of late. 3D printing has been around for quite a ...

RobotDigg Empower Engineers

If you are in search of an equipment-manufacturer you can trust on, RobotDigg would surely be one of the first names to crop up on one’s mind. RobotDigg started its journey as an equipment manufacturing company almost a decade and half ago. Right now, it is one of the biggest names among all professional manufacturers of stepper motor, stepper motor linear guide, hollow shaft stepper motor etc. Th...

440C Stainless Steel Miniature Linear Rail

Try to figure out the definition of Linear Rail from Wikipedia as always did, but it's Not that fortune like Linear Motor. Well,it won't be wrong to call it linear guide or guide rail. HIWIN call it linear guideway, linear guide called by MiSUMi. In China mainland HIWIN has the most business of linear guideways than other brands. Because the universality in automation application, the miniature li...

To upgrade your 3D Printer with Linear Rails

Rotary motion using stepper motor is very popular in kinds of applications and in machines Not only 3D Printer, but also CNC Machines, Scientific Instruments, Medical or Analytic Equipment and Surface Mount Equipment, etc. Linear motion is usually converted from rotary motion by using pulley and belt, lead screw or ball screw, pinion and gear, linear shaft and bearing, linear rails and linear modu...

The utility of Brushless DC Motor

Nowadays air conditioner and gas water heater have become the necessities in people’s life. As we all know, the motor that was used in air conditioner and water heater earlier is AC induction motor. First, this motor has obvious shortcomings, low efficiency, high energy consumption, which is clearly contrary to the trendy of today's low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving and carbon emi...

What is an O-ring?

Rubber O-ring is a loop of rubber material with a circular cross section. and basically used in every field of industry, including auto,electronics,machinery and medical devices. The material of an o ring selection is based on media pressure,chemical compatibility,temperature,lubrication requirements. NBR/Nitrile/Buna Rubber NBR is the most popular material for o rings,it can be oil resistant, wat...

USD to CNY Exchange Rate

The exchange rate of US Dollars to CNY crashed in a month, this will destroy the business relations between customers and most of the manufacturers or suppliers. 2017-07-08 6.7937 (1USD to RMB) 2017-08-08 6.6958 2017-09-08 6.4393 The environmental motion by China Nation in areas has lasted over month, factories close or production pause. The situation has aggravated this trend. In the last qu...