New Shopping Cart

RobotDigg New Shopping Cart will be available 1st, Jan of the New Year 2014.Thanks for all your patience and business all the time. In the New Shopping Cart you can check and amend your order. When placing an order with RobotDigg 3d printer parts, you will know the gross weight and total amount without shipping cost. RobotDigg Team will contact you for the 3d printer supplies you've placed with fo...

Filament Maker

Do you think you need a 3d printing Filament Making Machine more than Filament itself? Why we ask is that there maybe many interesting questions on 3d printing you have just like I do. Is Reprap popular in South Korea? If you have a 3d printing Filament Maker, do you think you will extrude Filament from ABS, PLA, PVA or HIPS yourself for your own 3d printer?

Open End Timing Belt

Open End Timing BeltAfter T2.5, MXL and GT2 Open End Timing Belts, RobotDigg starts to provide HTD 3M and HTD 5M Timing Belt to 3D Printing Industry, CNC and other industries where precision transmission is required.HTD 3M Belt in Open End and Closed-loop, 9mm width is on shelf, 15mm, other width is available on request HTD 5M Belt 15mm width is on sale of a MOQ 10M a roll, 9mm width and other wid...

GT2 Pulley New Families

There are new families of gt2 pulleys since this Nov.18 tooth 6.35mm bore gt2 pulley n 40 teeth gt2 pulley w/ 6.35mm bore.If you are using a Nema23 stepper motor on your 3d printer or cnc machines, a 6.35mm bore pulley is necessary for the motor shaft as drive pulley. You can use a 5mm bore or 8mm bore pulley as engaged pulley.GT2 18 Tooth 6.35mm bore Pulley works with 36 Tooth GT2 Pulley 5mm or 8...

RobotDigg Stepper Motor Family

RobotDigg is stepper motor, hollow shaft stepper motor and linear stepper motor factory.Basic Stepper Motors GTW3.162.XXX: Nema8, 8HY0001-20 Nema11, 11HY4403-20 Nema14, 14HY0006-20, 14HY0007-20A Nema17, 17HS1011-20, 17HS3001-20B, 17HS5005-26B, 17HS6002-N27B Nema23, 23HD4004-25, 23HS4404, 23HS6405, 23HD8434-34BGeared Stepper Motors GTW3.162.XXX: Nema17 Geared Stepper Motors:17HS1070-C5X, 17HS3001-C...

Robotdigg Thanks to All Your Support

Even though we were strongly hit by the Typhoon Fitow but NOW we get it over. RobotDigg's production and sales become as normal since 15th, Otc.RobotDigg as one of the most professional 3d printer supplies manufacturer and provider from China, we will do the best to serve you worldwide located for your kickstarter projects, maker projects and 3d printer building projects.Hope this Nov. 2013 the lu...

Urgent Notice-Typhoon Fitow

Typhoon Fitow bring us too much water. A disaster!At normal time, if RobotDigg has items in stock, the lead time is 5 working days after payment received.And now the new lead time is 12-15 days.We were on holidays(National Day Holidays) a whole week(1st-7th, Oct). There are many orders during our holidays. And there are orders left before that need to be treated as well. Unfortunately we encounter...

Close for National Day Holidays

Thank you for choosing RobotDigg as your 3d printer supplies provider and maker projects supplier. We are going to have National Day holidays from 1st, Oct to 7th, Oct. If there is no notice when you order with us, orders before 27th, Sept can be shipped before we leave. Orders from 28th, Sept to 7th, Oct, we will try the best to ship out within 7 days after we are back from holidays. Shipment fro...

Customized Timing Pulley n Belt

Timing Pulley n BeltBesides T2.5 16T, MXL 18T, GT2 16T, 20T and 36T Timing Pulleys for 6mm width Timing Belts, RobotDigg can customize you with T5, XL, L, S2M, S3M, HTD5 Timing Pulleys for different width timing belts. L Pulley 18 Tooth w/ Swivel Bearing and Bushing for Game Machine.RobotDigg put 3D Printinig Industry use small pitch 2mm or 2.5mm Timing Pulleys as our regular supply, in the same t...

Acme Leadscrew n Nut

When most reprapers are using stepper motor plus coupler to connect a m5 or m8 threaded rod for the Z-axis, Makerbot has been using Linear Stepper Motor with Acme Leadscrew and Delrin Nut. The printing result is absolutely different. Here is a link: RobotDigg is a professional Linear Stepper Motor manufacturer. And we begin to offer the special Nema17 stepper motor with Tr8*8 280mm Acme Leadscrew ...