1524mm closed-loop gt2 belt

Closed-loop or endless Timing BeltWhy closed-loop or endless timing belt? A. you don't need to consider how to connect the open end timing belt. B. Endless, closed-loop timing belt can turn in round. Open end timing belt usually cann't trip in round. C. The third reason to use closed-loop or endless timing belt is that the pricing and saving you on time.Closed-loop or endless gt2 beltRobotDigg has...

New RobotDigg Items

Please pay attention to New RobotDigg Items for your 3d printer building. From UV sensitive filament to Linear Rails. From 1524mm closed-loop gt2 belt to Nema23 Threaded Rod Stepper From Ball Screw with Anti-backlash Nut to Linear Rail.

10mm Bore GT2 Pulley

Home use 3D Printer has two futures: Portable like Foldarap or as huge as possible a Delta Robot 3D Printer.If adopt smooth rod, Delta Robot 3D Printer nowdays use 8mm Smooth Rod at most, but to make bigger 3d printer, 10mm smooth rod is much more ideal of stability. Makers are chasing 10mm inner bore components like Linear Bearing, Smooth Rod, Support Unit SK10, SCS10UU, SHF10, 10mm bore gt2 pull...

Letter of Regret

RobotDigg regret for late reply to Orders and Messages during 21th, Jan to 10th, Feb.If you still get No response, please email to, you can get reply within 24 hours.RobotDigg Team! 2014, Feb 23rd

New Add Closed-loop GT2 Belt

RobotDigg is trying the best to provide you lines of GT2 Pulley n Belt.We bring more Closed-loop GT2 Belt or Endless GT2 Belt for your maker project.102-2GT-6102400-2GT-6400110-2GT-6110 430-2GT-6430122-2GT-6122450-2GT-6450 132-2GT-6132460-2GT-6460140-2GT-6140488-2GT-6488 150-2GT-6150494-2GT-6494154-2GT-6154500-2GT-6500158-2GT-6158540-2GT-6540180-2GT-6180600-2GT-6600186-2GT-6186606-2...

Color-changing 3D Printing Filament

Color changing 3d printing filament, thermochrome, heliophilous.Multi-color printing is ever a step forward. For 3d printing today, we are looking for a way for multi-color printing. Dual Extruder, Print from Pellets, Thermochrome 3d printing filament is another way for colorful printing.RobotDigg for your colorful 3d printing.

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RobotDigg is going to be close from 22nd, Jan for the 2014 Chinese New Year! Reopen date will be 10th, Feb 2014.During 22nd, Jan to 10th, Feb RobotDigg will stop to ship out orders because Production is Paused since 20th, Jan.  You can contact us by email for the tracking no. if your order is placed before 22nd, Jan....

FAQ-RobotDigg and Order

Product of RobotDiggA. 17HS3001-20B, the Rated Voltage is 2V, it's Not the working voltage, you can apply 12V, 24V or even higher power supply to it.Order with RobotDigg1. The weight you can see when ordering is the Net Weight, the Gross Weight will be 1.2 times it. The shipping cost are calculated by the gross weight, the volume of the order, the type of shipping and destination. The break to shi...

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The factory workers are leaving for Chinese New Year one after the other from 15th, Jan, 2014. The factory will stop production 23-25th, Jan 2014. And the restart will be around 7-9th, Feb. In the whole Feb of 2014, the response and shipping may be slow cause lack of workers and busy with remaining orders.In this case, make a plan before that may helps.New functions of RobotDigg (3D Printer Parts ...

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Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!RobotDigg has made some modification on our website and decides to swift our hosting service in recent days within the New Year coming. This may cause some problem to order online or leave us message. So please contact us by email, thanks!