Timing Pulley Machine Service

01, May, 2013

RobotDigg can machine your kinds of Timing Pulleys beside our standard supply gt2 20 tooth pulley and T2.5 16 tooth pulley.

You can contact RobotDigg by email or leave us message to inquire the status of STOCK Supply of GT2 20 tooth pulley and T2.5 16 tooth pulley, we always keep this two timing pulleys for quick response to 3d printer builders requests.

For other standard Timing Pulleys like MXL, S2M or 36 Tooth GT2, pulleys with 8mm Bore and so on, please feel free to inquire for a quote on your Quantity.

Review from one of our clients: "Your machined pulleys I especially like - quality surface finish and construction. Professionally done. 2GT / GT2 belt is exactly the same as the one I was purchasing from belt manufacturer, so I can buy more from you in the future. Overall - Good!!"