GT2 20 Teeth Pulley from China

28, Apr, 2013

RobotDigg begin to machine GT2 Pulley for one of our client in 3d printing industry. We are now offering the best quality and very competitve price gt2 pulley and belt from China.

Pitch 2mm, 20 teeth or grooves in Aluminum, 2 grub screw holes in angle, 5mm bore with two flanges for 6mm, max 7mm width gt2 belt, the GT2 Pulley is the best of the best for your 3d printers. As a 3der, you may be very familiar with T2.5 and MXL pulleys which are T type profile tooth. GT2 pulley has a circular teeth/gleason tooth profile, combination with gt2 belt it's avoid backlash or anti-backlash.

PowerGrip and Misumi supply the most gt2 belts in the market. RobotDigg offer 6mm and 9mm open end gt2 belt for your gt2 pulleys. The price for 6mm width gt2 belt are 50M in 2USD/M, 100M in 1.8USD/M, 500M in 1.36USD/M and 1,000M in 1.25USD/M. Neoprene Rubber, Fiberglass Reinforced, open end or ROUND gt2 belts is absolutely the best choice of anti-backlash timing belts among T2.5, XL or MXL and GT2.

Contact RobotDigg right now for the quality GT2 pulley and belt from China at a competitive price for your 3d printers.