Pandemic impact everything these days

29, Apr, 2020

RobotDigg are doing the best to be your reliable Supply Chain

1. How your company is adapting operationally to COVID-19?
RobotDigg are based in Shanghai China, we need to be on duty Feb 1st if we act as normal years, the 8th day of Chinese New Year 2020. But all were unexpected that we can Not get back to work because the Lockdown were applied to almost all the companies including us for sure the moment in China mainland at least.
Before Wuhan Lockdown Jan 24 the CNY Day Eve, 90% of RobotDigg Team were back to hometown for the reunion from Jan 20. Jan 28th in the afternoon, I came back Shanghai from the hometown Anhui which is nearby Hubei. No traffic jam on the High Speed Road.
Jan 29 the second day after back to Shanghai, I came to the warehouse and record a video to YouTube to tell you all over the world the situation "We Are Lockdown"
The RobotDigg Team in Shanghai came back one by one, we had about four mates came back on Feb 8 but we work just half day because we do Not get the permission to open until Feb 18th. During this time more than 70% of our supply chain were Not responsing. So my mates and I were all in warehouse for the order shipments. In the meantime I took complains of delays and tired to explain the situation in China.

2. How you are adjusting from a business perspective (internally/externally)?
Now I think we have common sense that the COVID-19 is the Black Swan of the year 2020, business in recession and the whole world needs to get together to work through this. The feature of the Pandemic Economy is that we do Not know what will happen in the short next. So what we can do is to do the best at the moment we still have the ability. We have all our team back to position and work closely than ever before to get you the materials needed either for Make, Prototyping or Production.

3. What you’re doing to help fight it - what technology, services, or products you offer to ease the spread, aid with recovery, or directly confront the virus?
To fight against the Coronavirus the best way is #StayHome. But to get through this we still need to make our job done even though it is in slow mode. It comes to May 2020, in March and April the business situation in China is changed so much. Business are getting involved with Face Masks, Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric too much I suppose. It takes time to be calm down. March and April Europe and North American lockdown applied in many areas. Production in China are still slow, and less cargo flights from China are other probelms we encounter, so RobotDigg are finding new way to ship orders. Express Boat is the best option which means you may take action 1 month in advance for the materials needed.

4. What you are doing to help people cope better.
In March we were sending Face Masks free with the order parcel, RobotDigg hope we all can stay safe in this special time. Home-workplace-home, we do Not travel as many as before but we provide Group Call Support using Wechat, we are trying to bring the equipments we have and our partners' through the Live show on YouTube or Facebook.