7DoF Robot Arm

13, Feb, 2020

7DoF Robot Arm (part 1)
So here there are all the necessary files to build the part 1 of Another 7DoF Robot Arm. I even included the files for the Arduino (Teensy).
Brushless motor: Multistar 9235 100KV from Hobbyking.com.
Huge slew bearing: inner diametre: 100mm, outer diameter: 116mm, width: 8mm (100x116x8mm, name: RA10008)
Some other bearings (6707, 6710, 21x15x4, 18x12x4)
Belt: GT3, 188teeth, 9mm wide, from sdp-si.com (Part number: A 6R53M188090)
7DoF Robot Arm

7DoF Robot Arm (part 2)
I used Prusa i3 MK3s for printing and Prusament PETG.
1. Belt GT3, 3mm pitch, 9mm wide, 158 teeth from sdp-si website,
2. Motor 9235 multistar 100KV from hobbyking,
3. Bearing 6707 (44x35x5 mm),
4. Bearing 6702 (21x15x4 mm),
5. Bearing 6706 (37x30x4 mm),
6. Dowel pin 2x12 mm,
7. Slew bearing 116x100x8 mm from Aliexpress,
8. Standoff M5x20mm.
7 degree of freedom