Desktop CNC Router, Engraver

15, Jan, 2020

As a woodworking lover,maybe you’ve been to a big woodworking show and were mesmerized by the immense industrial CNC machines in long time ago.Yes,these machines be called CNC Router, CNC Engraver, CNC Mill which are mainly used in the woodworking and related fields, such as wood panel engraving,cabinet making and so on,it features rigid structure and high precision. CNC Router suitable to make cabinet door,office furniture,solid wood furniture,panel furniture,etc,and it is good at dealing with materials such as wood,panel,plastic,Aluminum,stone,etc.

Before, many of these machines are very large and expensive which can not be assumed by the average home,but theses days some manufactures are making downsized machines,which called desktop CNC routers.Now,you can buy a CNC router under $3000,bolt the parts together in an hour or less,load a program into your computer, and start doing some real CNC woodworking at home.

Due to the small working area size,the desktop CNC router can’t slice a plywood sheet into cabinet parts,but they can cut small parts,for example, drawer fronts,complete with joinery cuts,profiling and decorative carving.They will mill a rough board smooth or texture a smooth board to make it rough.They are pretty easy to use,can do engraving working at office or home.

Below are three types CNC Router with different size of working area,please contact to get more information according to your needs,to start woodworking at your office or home.
CNC Router 4060