RobotDigg Empower Engineers

09, Nov, 2017

If you are in search of an equipment-manufacturer you can trust on, RobotDigg would surely be one of the first names to crop up on one’s mind. RobotDigg started its journey as an equipment manufacturing company almost a decade and half ago. Right now, it is one of the biggest names among all professional manufacturers of stepper motor, stepper motor linear guide, hollow shaft stepper motor etc. The company is also known for manufacturing advance 3D printing units and 3D printing supplies. One thing that’s common among all machines, robotic accessories, and 3D printing devices manufactured by this firm is precision.
To Date, RobotDigg has come up with a series of high quality linear motion supplies and various robotics components. The biggest USP of this manufacturing firm is surely the competitive price structure all its products come accompanied by. What’s amazing, however, is that RobotDigg never needed to compromise with quality to keep the product prices reasonable.
Over the years, the company has successfully evolved itself and its product line. This has been possible primarily because the engineers and technological experts representing the firm work together with stores selling robotic equipment, drones, and different kinds of linear machines and the robotics community on the whole to find out what exactly they need and want. RobotDigg also makes pulley and belt of various types. Read on to know about some of the most prominent products manufactured by the company.
RobotDigg motorize and linear Delta Robot 3D printer- This device has been designed and manufactured keeping requirements of avid 3Ders in mind. The unit is marked by features like high efficiency and immaculate mechanical construction. It scores heavily when it comes to the ability to carry out 3D printing jobs flawlessly. The company also manufactures laser marking and pick and place supplies of highest quality. Examples include Benchtop Surface Mount, Cartesian XYZ etc.
SCARA arm 3D printer- Some of the highlights of this 3D printing machine include its durable, all-metal structure, its ability to showcase amazing accuracy when carrying out printing jobs, ability to work with small footprint and creating large print size etc. In addition, you will also love the unit’s dual-arm structure.
X-Cube SLA 3D Printer- If you pick X-Cube online you will need a Tablet or PC for connecting it via USB. If you want to use the device offline and pick X-Cube 2, you will enjoy offline support through Photonic 3D and Raspberry i3.
CNC Machine- Buying a CNC laser machine manufactured by RobotDigg would allow you to carry out a wide array of jobs. Some of the jobs you will get to do include laser engraving, laser cutting, laser marking, and laser positioning.
Robotics supplies- The collection of this company includes various kinds of accessories and parts required in robotics. RobotDigg makes special robotics kit, robot arms, plastic support mounts, omni directional wheels etc.
Earlier, Products manufactured by RobotDigg were available only from their offline stores. However, since 2013, they are also selling their products online. The best thing about the company is that it has its own online store. In addition, you will get to buy their products even from top online shopping platform like Aliexpress, eBay and Taobao.