440C Stainless Steel Miniature Linear Rail

18, Oct, 2017

Try to figure out the definition of Linear Rail from Wikipedia as always did, but it's Not that fortune like Linear Motor.
linear rail
Well,it won't be wrong to call it linear guide or guide rail. HIWIN call it linear guideway, linear guide called by MiSUMi.
In China mainland HIWIN has the most business of linear guideways than other brands. Because the universality in automation application, the miniature linear rail MGN and MGW series are most popular and there are factories to follow the standard of HIWIN.
MGN/MGW series can be used in many fields, such as semiconductor equipment, PCB assembly equipment, medical, equipment, robotics, measuring equipment, office automation equipment, and other miniature sliding machinery.
MGN and MGW series linear guideway can be classified into non-interchangeable and interchangeable types. The sizes of two types are the same. The interchangeable type is more convenient due to rails can be replaced. However, its precision is less than non-interchangeable type. Because of strict dimensional control, the interchangeable type linear guideway is a smart choice for customers when rails don’t need to be paired for another axis. The model number contains the information of the size, type, accuracy class, preload class, and so on.
MGN linear rails
Depending on the area of application, a variety of materials are offered, such as carbon steel for standard applications and stainless steel for optimal hygiene applications. Blocks are equipped with wire retainers that allow disassembly without the balls falling out.
RobotDigg is the most quality 440C Stainless Steel Miniature Linear Rail supplier which is Made in China. Rolling circulation system: block or carriage, rail, end cap and retainer. Size 5 to 12, the wide linear guide is double width of the narrow linear guide. Preload ZF, Z0 and Z1, WD-40 spray lubricants are recommended for daily clean and maintenance purpose. (Unusual Uses for WD-40)
linear guide lubricants