To upgrade your 3D Printer with Linear Rails

09, Oct, 2017

Rotary motion using stepper motor is very popular in kinds of applications and in machines Not only 3D Printer, but also CNC Machines, Scientific Instruments, Medical or Analytic Equipment and Surface Mount Equipment, etc.
Linear motion is usually converted from rotary motion by using pulley and belt, lead screw or ball screw, pinion and gear, linear shaft and bearing, linear rails and linear modules.
Delta Machines from Rostock to Kossel, the representative RobotDigg Kossel Printer, it adopts MGN12 linear rails and enhance the positioning accuracy a bit.
robotdigg kossel
SLA printer Wanhao Duplicator 7 or RobotDigg X-Cube2? The new generation X-Cube2 in Oct 2017 develops from SGR15 rail as Wanhao do, to use two MGN12 linear rails. It's not only eliminating the possible wobble but also strengthen the print out size, quality and speed. It's the only SLA 3D Printer using linear rails from China at the moment as we know. (X-Cube is using openbeam design for cheap price.)
X-Cube2 Print Out
Prusa i3 MK3 the latest version out of 3D Printer millionaire Maker Josef Prusa as it states it's bloody smart. Optical filament sensor, dual BondTech driver gears, Extruder with proximity probe, embedded thermistor and radial print cooling, 24V motherboard and 256th microstepping Trinamic Stepper Drivers. Power loss and jammed extruder detectable and 200mm/s speed. Will it be more reliable to use linear rails at that speed on Y or X' axis? The answer should be YES.

Minimalist frameless Cetus is a 3D Printer I want to have.
Cetus 3D Printer
Besides stepper motor, linear stepper motor, pulley and belt, RobotDigg can supply you 440C Stainless Steel Linear Rails at a very competitive price to upgrade your 3D Printer design and production.