Linear Motion Solutions---RobotDigg

14, May, 2013

RobotDigg try to list you solutions of linear motion or z-axis solution of CNC machines and 3D printers.

Innovations on linear motion are great news for designers, makers, hackers, cnc hobbists, techcrackers and 3ders. RobotDigg will follow these up and bring you with more useful information.
Solenoid is popular in old machines and now you can find them mostly used in game machines and other applications where precise control is not very important. Solenoid has only two status ON and OFF, so it\'s not that practical for CNC machines and 3D printers. It's similar with pneumatic actuactors.
2.Motor, Coupler/Coupling and Lead Screw/Threaded Rod.
This solution is now valid and still prevailing worldwide. Couplings can damp a lot to protect the whole system in large scale CNC machines or 3D printers. And you can run a stepper motor in steps to control the resolution to achieve precision control.
3.Threaded Rod Stepper Motor/Servo Motor
Actually, this solution turns rotary motion directly to linear motions from the stepper motor/servo motor---Leadscrew or Ballscrew. There are three types of linear stepper motors: Captive, Non-captive and External Drive. RobotDigg are manufacturer of the above linear stepper motors. Innovations on the Nuts enhance the precision further more, Anti-backlash Nut is an option now.
4.Timing Pulley and Belt.
Timing Pulley with small pitch drived by stepper motor is another precise linear motion solution. RobotDigg recommend CNC machine and 3D printer makers with gt2 pulley and belt or s2m pulley and belt.
5.Linear Bearing and Smooth Rod.
This combination is very smooth but it's hard to control the precision as well. LM8UU linear bearing, a 8mm smooth rod can be found in popular 3D printer designing.
6.Slide Guides.
It's same effect but can drive much heavier than Linear Bearing and Smooth Rod.
Profile and Idler solution of linear motion. MakerSlide could be V or U rail integrated into a standard extrusion profile.

RobotDigg welcome you share with us your linear motion solutions and z-axis solution. Please write us to, thanks in advance.