Order More, Save Most.---RobotDigg

07, May, 2013

RobotDigg tell you the truth: Order More, Save Most.

1. Save on shipping cost
RobotDigg can post sample order without Stepper Motors below 1Kg worldwide to save your shipping cost.
RobotDigg supply very competitive price for Order over 21Kgs to U.S, Canada and West Europe, shipping cost by FedEx is only 6.2USD/Kg.
For order over 1Kg to U.S, Canada or West Europe, we don't suggest CHINA POST Air Mail cause the shipping cost are merely equal to FedEx or DHL. To South America, Russia and East Europe 3Ders or 3d printer accessory stores, China Post Air Mail is a good option, somewhere the only choose for order over 1Kg. The delivery time depends and also need to see it's a busy season or not. Don't post me during holidays, especially during Christmas and the New Year. We regularly ship from Shanghai FedEx and to some places we ship from HK FedEx, UPS or DHL to help you avoid Taxes.

2. Pricing
A. Discount
RobotDigg have no MOQ request but we suggest a Combination Order to save your shipping cost. Some light items like gt2 pulley and gt2 belt, if you are running out of them, it's good to order from RobotDigg with other items like Stepper Motors and ABS or PLA Filament to save on shipping cost.
We offer 3d printer accessories in different Price Break 50, 100, 200, 500, etc. Please don't abuse inquiry right and try to work out all quantity pricing.
B. Accumulation Pricing
Accumulation Pricing is RobotDigg\'s innovation on pricing. We offer return back customers with Acculation Pricing. Let\'s give an example: Client A come first time to our webstore to buy 100pcs gt2 pulley price at 1.8USD/pc and a second time to our webstore to buy 400pcs gt2 pulley, we will offer him price break 500pcs price at 1.25USD/pc cause his has bought 100pcs times ago, if the client comes a third time for 100pcs, we will offer price 1.25USD/pc for the gt2 pulley.

4. 3Ders don't trust the price online, why, why not?
Our prices are lower price even compared with Ebay and Aliexpress.
RobotDigg is motor factory origin. We machine you with GT2 pulley 20 tooth or 36teeth, 5mm or 8mm bore and supply you with gt2 belt 6mm, 9mm open end or loop. That's our strength and power.
The truth of price is that when China in, price goes down. RobotDigg supply only quality 3d printer accessories.

5. Why stay in copy?
China is a replicator. The pulse to replicate is lead by Interest, Invest and Amibition to be a 100 year company like Alibaba.

RobotDigg trust in China Made, China replicate, surpass, creat, and then lead.