V-ribbed Belt

Flexible Poly-V Ribbed Belt

V-ribbed belt or multi-groove belt has a specially constructed shape Angle 40 degree that tracks in the mating groove of the pulley or sheave in power transmissions. As the load increases the belt wedges in the groove which helps improve torque transmission. It's commonly produced using neoprene rubber or polyurethane.
5PH, 4PJ, PK pitch 3.56mm, PL pitch 4.7mm and PM pitch 9.4mm
PH 1.6*5 1.6mm Pitch, 2.5mm Height, 0.7mm Rib Height
PJ 2.4*4 2.4mm pitch, 3.5mm height, 1.5mm rib height
Rubber V-ribbed Belt for laundry machine, hand tool, conveyor roller in logistic or printing, milling machine, etc.